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How to subscribe to a UABA discussion forum!

Public forums are viewable by the general public but only UABA members can make comments or start new discussion topics. UABA Members can also subscribe to a discussion and be notified by email when any comments to the forum are made. Other forums, are restricted to UABA members only, or some to UABA Officers only. 


To get subscribed for email notification to any forum, you need to be a member:

  • You first log on to the website as a member.
  • You go to the forum you are interested in and select subscribe
  • To control how often you want to get email notifications from any forum you subscribed to;
  • go to your profile;
  • There you will see a tab E-mail subscriptions, click on it and will display all of your email subscriptions,
  • In the middle of the page you will see a button EDIT, click on it, and
  • select the frequency of being notified of posts to the forum, your choices are immediate, daily, or weekly, with daily being the default,  
  • After you make your selection, hit SAVE.   

That it!


So if you get an email notification from the forum, please REPLY TO the DISCUSSION ON THE WEBSITEOn the top of the email notification, there are links that will take you back directly to the UABA Forum.Your reply or comment will automatically be sent to all other subscribers to the website forum, and you will see how easy it is to have discussions via the internet!

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