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  • 01 Dec 2010 12:00 AM | Myroslaw Smorodsky (Administrator)

    Click here to read the December 1, 2010 UABA News Update 2010-12-01 UABA News Update.pdf

  • 23 Nov 2010 9:54 PM | Myroslaw Smorodsky (Administrator)


    DATE:  November 23, 2010

    The UABA sends Holiday Greetings to all of its members and friends this Thanksgiving Day!


    The following are article posts that have recently appeared on the UABA website blogs. You are invited to visit our new redesigned website which we hope will spark your interest to become a member.  We plan to expand our website publications in the future to make the site more interesting but we need your input and participation in our organization.  If you are a member, please keep your membership status current; if you are not a member but are interested in our organization, then we invite you to please join.  So please visit www.uaba.org !!


    Miranda Warning Lost in Translation!

    Steve Grogoza, a well known criminal defense lawyer in Naples, FL – and UABA Board of Governor’s Chairman --- successfully argued that his Spanish speaking client was denied his Miranda Rights as a result of translation errors during questioning by police.  Grogoza contended that a detective not only translated the conversation inaccurately but that investigators had deceived the suspect by promising his confession would be heard by no one outside of the room.

    Read Entire Story


    Is Yanukovich in Putin's Doghouse?

    from the World Affairs Blog:  Ukraine's Orange Blues, Alexander J. Motyl  


    That’s what a biting satire of the Ukrainian president on Russia’s state-controlled Channel One, the country’s most watched television station, suggests. Aired on Sunday, October 31, on the “Big Difference” comedy program, the skit undefined titled “Viktor Almighty” undefined depicts Yanukovich as an outright buffoon. Channel One’s Viktor speaks Russian with a comically broad Ukrainian accent, takes great pride in nailing a portrait of himself to the wall, orders a bowl of borscht, a bottle of vodka, a cigar, and a top hat as his first acts in office, and, after decreeing that all requests from citizens be made in writing, finds himself inundated with Post-its.

    View YouTube Parody     Read entire article   "Is Yanukovich in Putin’s doghouse?"




    Comments by Bohdan A. Futey*

    October 14, 2010

    Ukraine adopted its Constitution on June 28, 1996.  This document exclusively tasks the court system with the administration of justice, according to Article 124, and judicial proceedings are to be held before the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the courts of general jurisdiction.  Under Article 125, the Supreme Court of Ukraine is the highest judicial body for courts of general jurisdiction, while the “respective high courts are the highest judicial bodies of specialised courts.”  Elsewhere in the Constitution, Article 126 sets nine different events that allow the removal of a judge, and that article also guarantees the independence and immunity of judges.  The people participate directly in the administration of justice as jurors and people’s assessors.

    Link to full article




    Данило Курдельчук, президент Укрінюрколегії

    Олександр Малиновський, адвокат

    Наталія Пашенюк, адвокат

    Закон України «Про засади функціонування ринку природного газу» (далі – Закон) був прийнятий 08 липня 2010 року, а набрав чинності з 24 липня 2010 року. Розробка  Закону тривала більше восьми років: у пояснювальній записці уряду до проекту Закону вказано, що він був розроблений на виконання доручення Кабінету Міністрів України від 19 квітня 2002 року до доручення Президента України від 15 квітня 2002 року та відповідно до Плану роботи з адаптації законодавства України до законодавства Європейського Союзу в 2002 (!) році. Невідомо, наскільки ще затяглося б прийняття Закону, якби Європейський Союз не зробив його передумовою оформлення членства України в Європейському Енергетичному Співтоваристві. Завдяки наполяганню Європейського Союзу, у поєднанні з прагненням України увійти до Енергетичного Співтовариства, Закон і був прийнятий.

    Read Gas Market Law - new prospects? (in Ukrainian)


    Звернення Асамблеї громадських організацій малого та середнього бізнесу України

    Petition on behalf of Public Assembly of Small and Medium Businesses of Ukraine to the IMF



    ГПУ не змогла довести незаконність постачань зброї до Грузії

    Фігурант скандалу, українсько-російська фірма «Параллакс», яку Генпрокуратура підозрює в причетності до операції українських і грузинських військових, в Господарському суді Києва довела, що продала ракети «Укроборонсервісу» законно.



    Закон України «Про судоустрій та статус суддів»

    Коментар Богдана Футея*

    14 жовтня 2010 року

    Історія питання
    Конституція України була прийнята 28 червня 1996 року. Цей документ наділив судову систему всеохоплюючими повноваженнями щодо відправлення правосуддя. Відповідно до статті 124 судочинство здійснюється Конституційним судом України та судами загальної юрисдикції. Згідно з статтею 125 найвищим судовим органом у системі судів загальної юрисдикції є Верховний Суд України, в той час як вищими судовими органами спеціалізованих судів є відповідні вищі суди. Іншими положеннями Конституції, зокрема, статтею 126 визначено дев‘ять підстав звільнення судді з посади;  цією статтею також закріплено гарантії незалежності та недоторканності суддів. Народ безпосередньо бере участь у здійсненні правосуддя через народних засідателів і присяжних.

    Link to entire article


    If you have any questions, please feel free email myroslaw@smorodsky.com


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  • 15 Nov 2010 12:46 PM | Myroslaw Smorodsky (Administrator)

    The following are article posts have recently appeared on the UABA website.  You are invited to visit our new redesigned website which we hope will spark your interest to become a member.  We plan to expand our website publications in the future to make the site more interesting but we need your input and participation in our organization.


    Ukrainian Education Ministry disapproves 'Russophobic' law textbook
          The Ukrainian Education Ministry has withdrawn its recommendation of "Russophobic" legal studies textbook written by professors at the Shevchenko Kiev National University, Education Minister Dmitry Tabachnik said.
         The textbook, entitled "The History of Ukrainian Law" and written under the editorship of the dean of the university's law department, previously received approval from the ministry for university study, despite criticism by some experts that the book contains controversial material aimed at sparking hatred towards Russia.

    Read full article


    Ukraine’s new law on the judiciary and the Venice Commissions review of the Law

    We make available the English-language version of Ukraine's new law on judiciary and the comments on the law by the Venice Commission:

    Read full article


    This week, American media reported that the Yanukovych government of Ukraine instituted litigation in the United States and in England claiming that during the tenure of Julia Tymoshenko as Prime Minister, Ukraine was defrauded of nearly 1/2 billion dollars. [PR Newswire] allegedly, the misappropriation occurred between January of 2008 and January 2010.

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    Справа честі -- A Matter of Honor (in Ukrainian)

    Yesterday [Nov. 10, 2010] in Hall number 17 of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv, the debate was hot: this case is considered fundamental to the Ukrainian public interest  -- the future  of the Decree of President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, on honoring the participants of the struggle for independence of Ukraine in the Twentieth Century

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    Read full article

    If you have any questions, please feel free email myroslaw@smorodsky.com

  • 05 Nov 2010 9:54 PM | Myroslaw Smorodsky (Administrator)

    UABA Launches New Redesigned Website!

    Orlando, FL, October 29, 2010

    The Ukrainian American Bar Association (UABA) launched its new redesigned website at its 33rd annual convention held this year at Disney's posh Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in the Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida.  The new design gives visitors a more interactive and intuitive way to;

    • ·       view the organization’s history
    • ·       search the public directory of its members
    • ·       become a member
    • ·       register for events
    • ·       read comments in public discussion forums
    • ·       read articles in the UABA public blogs

    The UABA site also links seamlessly to PAYPAL which will accept UABA dues and registration payments with all major credit cards or with your PAYPAL account.

    Additionally, a special UABA Members Portal has been developed with is accessible only to members! As a UABA member, you have access to many new features of our latest website. To take advantage of these features, all you need to do is login with their email address, and then clicking "Forgot Password."  An email will be sent to you with your temporary password, which you can change one you log on.  New members may select their password upon submission of their application.


    Some of the new MEMBERS ONLY features are:

    • You can access your personal information, modify it including your password, determine which information to make public, or make it available to members only, or to keep it totally private.
    • As a member, you have access to the UABA constitution, By-Laws, Newsletters, and other publications which will be put on line in the near future.
    • You can even upload pictures to photo albums of prior conventions.
    • As a member, you can post comments to the UABA blogs and forums and you will have access to post and comment to the MEMBERS ONLY forums and blogs,
    • And access the UABA Private Member Directory, and even send emails directly to these individuals. 
    • You can even pay your dues and register yourself and your guests for UABA conventions on line.

    The Members’ Only features will be expanded in the next few months.

    So check out the new UABA website; WWW.UABA.ORG and become a member!

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