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BATTLE OF DONETSK AIRPORT: Ukraine’s Cyborgs – defenders of Donetsk airport who defied the Kremlin and inspired a nation

27 Jan 2016 3:13 PM | Anonymous
One year ago this month, the Battle of Donetsk International Airport reached a gruesome climax. After over 240 days of defiant and against-all-odds defense, the airport finally fell to combined Russian-separatist forces. Dozens of Ukrainian defenders died in the last days of the battle. Many perished in the rubble following the collapse of one of the few remaining ceilings in the airport terminal complex. Others died in the kind of desperate hand-to-hand fighting that had characterized the entire battle. By this stage, the airport itself was an uninhabitable lunar landscape, reduced to ruin by some of the most intense fighting witnessed in Europe since the fall of Nazi Berlin in spring 1945. This was the last stand of the ‘Ukrainian Cyborgs’, the name given to the seemingly superhuman defenders of Donetsk International Airport by their exasperated opponents.    Business Ukraine.   Read More

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