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Nemtsov And The Crisis In Ukraine

01 Mar 2015 5:21 PM | Andriy J. Semotiuk

After the shock and grief associated with the sudden murder of Boris Nemtsov, the former Russian deputy Prime Minister under President Boris Yeltsin, speculation grew about who killed him. Some reports linked Nemtsov’s death to his support for Ukraine in its armed conflict with Russia. For example, in one article  Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko blamed the Kremlin, alleging politicians were afraid of a report Nemtsov was due to share publicly linking Russia to the Ukrainian conflict.  A friend of Nemtsov’s was quoted by the BBC as saying,

For him the conflict between Ukraine and Russia was a real personal tragedy and he was trying to find any way to stop it. And he was trying to find proof that Mr Putin is sending our troops to Ukraine.

Nemtsov was aware not only of the loss of Russian troops, but also of the staggering humanitarian crisis that is unfolding in Ukraine which was recently described in the following comment made by Ilya Todorovich, a United Nations High Commission for Refugees representative,

… The government in Kiev has its hands full caring for almost a million internally displaced persons fleeing the fighting between government troops and rebels in eastern Ukraine  …

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