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The Non-Compliance Europe prefers not to see - for those who won’t live to Minsk III

18 Feb 2015 1:22 PM | Anonymous

 A delegation of entirely anonymous German doctors are reported – by Russia – to have examined Nadiya Savchenko and found her condition “satisfactory”.  There is no word from Germany about this visit, nor any serious statement regarding Moscow’s flagrant non-compliance with the Minsk II agreements in not releasing Savchenko who has now been on hunger strike for 66 days. The Kremlin indicated that it was flouting the Minsk II agreements within a day of the meeting on Feb 12 by stating clearly that it would not release Nadiya Savchenko.  It left its proxies in Donbas to demonstrate no less brazen non-compliance with other key commitments.   Human Rights in Ukraine.   Read More  


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