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Taras Kuzio: Rule of Law

25 Nov 2014 8:25 PM | Myroslaw Smorodsky (Administrator)

Taras Kuzio: Rule of Law

In the old days it did not matter which incompetent person was put in charge of the prosecutor's office as well as the fact this office is useless because politicians were not accountable for their actions. The prosecutor's office continued to protect elites rather than make them accountable under the law.

Poroshenko has continued to act in this vein relying on an overmanned (20, 000 prosecutors in Ukraine as opposed to Britain's 8, 000 3 regional CPS), corrupt and inefficient institution and appointing (as is typical) a prosecutor without Western training, criminal prosecution background or drive to fight corruption.

Yarema is opposed to the lustration law. Speaker Turchynov commenting on the unpopularity among deputies for the lustration law said they could choose between "Lustration or castration." The law passed by one vote. 

Today, with a different post-Euromaidan society demanding action, elite accountability and punishment for crimes for the murders on the Euromaidan, funding of separatism and massive graft under Yanukovych doing business as usual with the prosecutor-general pretending to investigate (as in the Yushchenko poisoning and Gongadze cases - still unresolved) will no longer suffice. Poroshenko witnessed this yesterday when he was heckled to cries of "Hanba!" by Heavenly  Hundred families who were angry nobody had been criminally charged.

Will Poroshenko ever get it? Who will tell him that times have changed? Does he have the killer instinct to put his old oligarch and Party of Regions buddies in jail? He has to act on this front by the second Euromaidan anniversary. 

November 22, 2014 Email from Taras Kuzio article in Ukrainian at Gazeta.ua

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