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Tymchuk: Bombs to be expected anywhere in Ukraine

27 Jun 2014 9:09 AM | Anonymous

A bomb blast damaged a railway bridge in the Zaporizhya oblast during the early hours of Tuesday morning, June 24, and there were also two explosions on the railways in the Luhansk oblast. The Security Service [SBU]  has called them diversionary acts.  Locals says that such terrorist acts will continue as it’s impossible to watch all small groups of  [Kremlin-backed’ militants. Explosives experts report that the bomb was simply placed on the railway track and believe there could have been several dozen kilograms of trotyl. The route is one used for military supplies, and is the shortest way for servicemen to be brought to Donetsk from Berdyansk. According to Vasyl Dushny, head of the Zaporizhya People’s Council, it was known earlier that sabotage squads were working in the oblast. He says that a lot of FSB [Russian security service] agents and terrorists have been sent to the Zaporizhya oblast and are forming groups who may well carry out such acts of terrorism.   Human Rights in Ukraine.   Read More



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