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In Ukraine, Signs of a Truce Unraveling

27 Jun 2014 8:25 AM | Anonymous

 A ceasefire proclaimed by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has not been honored by the separatists, despite the hopes of policymakers in Moscow and Kiev. Although representatives of the self-proclaimed republic of Donetsk agreed to a ceasefire, separatists on June 23 shot down a Ukrainian army helicopter near Sloviansk. Ukrainian military checkpoints and border crossings were also fіred on. After the incident with the helicopter, President Poroshenko said he probably would reverse his decision on a truce. The intent of at least some of the separatists is to keep fighting. “Truceundefinedthis is bulls***. There is no peace,” said Pavel Gubarev, one of the separatist leaders of Donetsk.    Bloomberg.   Read More

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