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Many Ukrainians expect war with Russia By Alexander J. Motyl

16 Mar 2014 12:31 PM | Anonymous
As President Obama and Ukrainian Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk were discussing the Russian occupation of Crimea this week, I confess that my mind and heart were elsewhere. I have never experienced war or the threat of annihilation. But now, thanks to the Internet, like thousands of other Ukrainian-Americans I am living at the edge of an existential abyss. The violence the war that threatens Ukraine does not threaten me. I am in New York and Ukraine is thousands of miles away. But war will threaten my friends, colleagues and family in Ukraine. We Ukrainian-Americans must now live with the very real possibility that their lives could be extinguished if Russian President Vladimir Putin chooses to do so. Indeed, Ukraine could even disappear as a state, if he chooses to make it disappear.   CNN.  Read More
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