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Putin Opens a Second Front in Ukraine

16 Mar 2014 12:11 PM | Anonymous
President Vladimir Putin’s forces have encircled Ukraine. Many believe that these deployments are a feint, that what we’re actually seeing is one big scare tactic, designed to deter international sanctions. Perhaps. Still, it’s a dangerous gamble to assume that Putin will stay within Crimea. In fact, two specific factors suggest that Russia’s president may be planning a new offensive. First, consider the character of Russia’s military deployments. Over the last few days, among the many units that have been sent on “exercise” near Ukraine, Russia has deployed 8,500 artillery troops to its southern military district (the Russian military command that borders Ukraine). Additionally, Putin has sent an airborne brigade into the Rostov Oblast, which runs along Ukraine’s southeastern border. The Russians have also accepted a “request” from Belarus to situate forces in their territory (in this case, fighter jets).   National Review.  Read More
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