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The Fight Over Ukraine Goes Back To 1399, With No End In Sight

15 Mar 2014 9:51 AM | Anonymous
On a hot August morning of 1399 two great armies collided on the fields around the Vorksla River, on the territory of modern day Ukraine. Little is known in the West about this battle, but it decided the future of people that lived in this part of Eastern Europe. As Tatar forces inflicted a devastating defeat on the feudal armies of Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania, a country with the most inclusive political system in Europe at the time, a civilizational choice was made. From then on, Ukraine would be the battlefield between the despotic Muscovy, nomadic Tatar fiefdoms, and the West. It remains such to this very day, as riots and protests in Kiev and Crimea show.   FORBES. Read More 
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