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  • 23 Sep 2014 8:07 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

     Mohamed El-Erian, the chief economic adviser at Allianz SE, warned that global markets do not fully appreciate the risk posed by the Ukrainian crisis, a conflict which could push Europe into recession. He saw few options to de-escalate tensions between Ukraine, its Western supporters and Russia, which has been accused of backing an insurgency led by ethnic Russian separatists.   Yahoo News.   Read More


  • 23 Sep 2014 8:03 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

     The foreign minister of Ukraine said Monday that it was unclear whether President Petro O. Poroshenko would travel​ to New York to deliver his scheduled address before the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday. It is possible, Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin told reporters, “there will be a change in the program.” He offered no details except to say that the crisis in the country could compel Mr. Poroshenko to remain in Ukraine.   The New York Times.  Read More


  • 23 Sep 2014 8:00 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

    Sometimes the fact that someone is asking a question at all is more important than the answer he or she offers. That is almost certainly the case with a new article by an anonymous Russian military commentator concerning whether or not Russia can avoid “losing Siberia and the Far East” to China. In the influential Moscow portal “Voyennoye obozreniye,” a writer who identifies himself only as a “couch general” says that despite cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, it is critical for Russians to ask how they can avoid “losing” the eastern portions of their country to China as Ukraine is losing its east.   Window on Eurasia.  Read More


  • 22 Sep 2014 9:39 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

     If a recent Russian directive is fulfilled to the letter, thousands of Crimean Tatars, ethic Ukrainians and others who did not take Russian citizenship could in 2015 be treated as ‘foreigners’ and conceivably forced to leave the Crimea. In its latest monitoring report, the Crimean Human Rights Field Mission highlights numerous issues regarding citizenship since Russia’s annexation of the Crimea.  One of the most disturbing is the potential consequences of a Russian government directive from July 19.  This establishes a quota for non-Russian residents of the Crimea (Ukrainian citizens or nationals of other countries) to receive  Russian Federation temporary residence permits.   Human Rights in Ukraine.   Read More  




  • 22 Sep 2014 9:35 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

     FOR THE sake of the cameras, President Obama assured Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko at a White House meeting Thursday that “not only do we support Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence in words, but we’ve also been supporting it in deeds.” If only that were true. The reality is that the beleaguered Ukrainian leader left Washington backed by considerable rhetoric from the Obama administration but little with which he can turn back the continuing Russian aggression against his country.   Washington Post.   Read More


  • 22 Sep 2014 9:25 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

     Thousands of Russians marched through Moscow on Sunday in an antigovernment demonstration criticizing President Vladimir V. Putin for what they saw as his warmongering in Ukraine. It was the first large-scale public demonstration against Mr. Putin since March, and one that brought out a sizable but often silent minority of Mr. Putin’s critics despite the patriotic fervor that has seized Russia since his annexation of Crimea in March.   New York Times.  Read More


  • 22 Sep 2014 9:22 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

    While we see a great deal of media coverage of Ukraine-related geopolitical risks, there hasn't been sufficient discussion about the dire economic and fiscal conditions the nation is facing. Writing about men in masks fighting in eastern Ukraine sells far more advertising than covering the nation's economic activity. However it's the economy, not the Russian army that has brought Ukraine close to the brink.   Business Insider.  Read More


  • 18 Sep 2014 9:27 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

    If President Poroshenko’s ‘special status’ draft bill for the parts of Donbas under Kremlin-backed militant control is passed, it will create the latest, yet hardly the last of Moscow’s frozen conflicts in Europe. With what is widely viewed as EU endorsement, it will also make a bitter mockery of rule of law in Ukraine.    Human Rights in Ukraine. Read More

  • 18 Sep 2014 9:25 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

     The soothing tinkle of background music, cappuccinos and croissants on tap. The atmosphere at the annual Yalta European Strategy conference, attended by senior European officials and Ukrainian politicians, could not be in starker contrast to the issue topping the agenda: the country's war torn east, where a fragile peace plan is under threat from heavy fighting ten days into a supposed ceasefire. After taking the reins of power in mid-April as Ukraine's first elected post-Maidan president, the so-called "Chocolate King" Petro Poroshenko promised to crush the rebel uprising as he launched an new "active phase" in the Kiev-backed anti-terror operation.   Vice News.   Read More


  • 18 Sep 2014 8:52 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

     Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced on September 10th that he intends to build an extensive set of fortifications along Ukraine’s frontier with Russia and the Russian-occupied enclave of the Donbas. Called “The Wall,” the defensive line would consist of a ditch, a “no-man’s land,” an actual wall, and watch towers.   World Affairs.   Read More


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