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  • 16 Oct 2014 7:39 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

    The scene: A major symposium in Vienna on the reconstruction of Ukraine.The big names of German industry were there. Plus plenty of British peers and members of Parliament, up in arms against Putin. Ukrainians, too, of course, beginning with the gas king, Dmytro Firtash, who, together with Ukrainian Business Future, organized the event. And me giving the keynote address.I recalled the cold shoulder that Obama gave Ukrainian president Poroshenko when the latter came to tell him that you don't win a war with blankets.   The World Post.   Read More

  • 16 Oct 2014 7:32 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

    Politicians and civic activists have lambasted the Oct. 13 protest by National Guard soldiers as unpatriotic in time of war, saying that their demonstration in front of the president's office will be manipulated by Russian intelligence services for their benefit. On Oct. 13, several hundred soldiers of the National Guard left their military units in Kyiv and the region to rally near the Presidential Administration, demanding the end of draft. National Guard units are staffed though national mobilization, but the terms of service for these particular units have been extended several times beyond the usual one year.   Kyiv Post.   Read More

  • 16 Oct 2014 7:30 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

    During the Oct.14 session, the last before parliamentary elections on Oct. 26, Ukraine’s parliament managed to adopt several long-awaited laws, including one to revamp the prosecutor’s office and another to create the anti-corruption bureau. The measures are part of the requirements under Ukraine's association agreement with the European Union.   KyivPost.   Read More

  • 06 Oct 2014 7:26 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

    On September 24, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk spoke in New York about the state of Ukrainian foreign relations, including the recent cease-fire with Russia and the upcoming parliamentary elections. If Ukraine cannot fight alone against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s desire to restore the former Soviet Union, it can overcome the current global security crisis together with the help of the United States and European Union.   World Policy.  Read More

  • 06 Oct 2014 7:23 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

     Zbigniew Kulikowski stood at the crumbling edge of a muddy hole staring down at a trio of workers gently brushing the dirt from the yellowing bones of several intertwined skeletons. In a little over a year of sporadic digging, more than 280 bodies have been pulled from burial pits in the sandy, red-streaked earth behind this century-old prison, anonymous victims of the Nazis, the Soviets or the Polish secret police.   The New York Times.   Read More

  • 06 Oct 2014 7:20 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

    I'm about to commit intellectual heresy, but before I do so I want to make a few stipulations. I don't much care for Russia's policy in Ukraine. I called the annexation of Crimea a "blunder of historic proportions" and have been harshly critical of the effort to spark unrest and discord in eastern Ukraine.Some of the criticism of Russia, as always, is selective and hypocritical, but much of the condemnation that the country has received over the past few months is richly justified. The idea that international borders should not be changed through the use of violence and that countries should be free to conduct their internal affairs without external interference are not radical positions. Rather, these are positions that the Kremlin itself supported until quite recently.   The Moscow Times.   Read More

  • 06 Oct 2014 7:11 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

    Amnesty International has launched a 'Week of Action' to 'show solidarity with independent voices in Russia' who speak out against repression under the Putin regime. The action will highlight the plight of minority groups in Russia as well as in places like occupied Crimea in Ukraine where the Crimean Tatars are increasingly being harassed by the Russian security services.    Ukraine Today.  Read More

  • 06 Oct 2014 7:08 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

     On October 5, Assistant Secretary Nuland will travel to Kyiv, Ukraine, where she will discuss the U.S. commitment to assist ongoing reform efforts in Ukraine, the status of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and U.S. support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity with senior Ukrainian government leaders. Assistant Secretary Nuland will also meet with a broad spectrum of political leaders, civil society groups, regional government officials, and student groups.   U.S. Department of State.   Read More


  • 06 Oct 2014 7:03 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

    Russia has pulled out of a longstanding American high-school exchange program after a teenage Russian boy who befriended a gay couple sought asylum in the United States on the grounds that he faced persecution at home as a homosexual. Russia officials accused the United States of endangering the welfare of a child, while American officials suggested that the Kremlin was using the case as a pretext to further impair diplomatic relations.    The New York Times.   Read More

  • 06 Oct 2014 6:58 PM | Liudmyla Mozgova (Administrator)

     On school days, Vladimir rides the bus into the city center to teach gym class. On the weekends, he remains at home in his dark, unheated apartment and tries to ignore the shots ringing out from the floors above. “There is no water, no electricity,” he said as he showed off his first-floor apartment, recently renovated with wallpaper resembling exposed brick, a laptop on his desk, and a dozen religious icons on his windowsill.    The New York Times.   Read More

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